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In 2002/2003 the parish created the Memorial Garden and established the following guidelines for the installation of plaques and the distribution of ashes:

Memorial Plaques and distribution of ashes is available for those who can demonstrate that the deceased has:

A)  held permanent residence within the parish boundaries ie this does not include visiting family members
B)  participated in the life of Resurrection Parish
C)  whose funerals have been conducted in our parish church

Ashes will be placed in the garden at the discretion of the Memorial Garden Board of Management.

In the event of the re-allocation of the ground space pertaining to the Garden of Remembrance, every effort will be made to relocate the areas where ashes have been placed to an appropriate site.

Meetings are held on a regular basis and advertised in the weekly parish newsletter for those wishing to place a plaque in the garden for a deceased family member.

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