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We get many enquiries regarding our Baptism program at Resurrection. Below is an outline of our process for preparation and celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism.

For Babies and Pre –School Children:
A Baptism meeting is held once a month a the Parish Centre, usually on a Thursday 7pm. We advertise the date in advance in our newsletter. All parents wishing to organize a Baptism are required to attend. This is the ONLY way you can set your date for your Baptism. We do not book Baptisms over the phone. So it is important to give yourself enough time prior to your desired date to attend our meeting. The meeting lasts for usually 1 hour. The week prior to your Baptism, you will be required to bring your  baby/ young child to one of our Masses to receive our Baptism kit and a blessing.
Baptisms are celebrated on some weeks of the month at our Masses 6.30pm Saturday & Sunday 9am & 11am. On other weekends Baptism will be celebrated outside Mass at 12.15pm. These dates are subject to Brian’s availability. For those who live outside our Parish boundary, a letter of permission is required from the Parish Priest where the family reside.

For School Age Children:
We conduct a program in terms 3 & 4  which involves attendance at classes over 2 days. Also children are required to attend Mass and children’s Liturgy.
Baptisms are celebrated during Mass. Please fill in a Sacramental enrolment form and contact Marj for further details.

For Adults (over 16)
We conduct our RCIA Program which involves attendance at Mass and instruction/discussion each week following the Homily. Also, once a month, extended time for instruction is given on a Thursday evening for approximately 1 and 1/2 hours.
Baptism is celebrated on Easter Sunday.
Our program begins in July each year. We will advertise details of our information session for new candidates in the newsletter after Easter.

Baptism Preparation Meeting

Meetings will take place 3rd Thursday of each month alternating between St Anthony’s and Resurrection as the venue for the meeting. Contact either parish (Resurrection on 9701 5899 or St Anthony's on9546 8276) for the next scheduled Baptism meeting date.

Please note that enrolments for Baptisms are ONLY taken at these meetings. Enrolments at both parishes will be taken at either location of the Baptism preparation meeting

Presentation at the Baprism Preparation Meeting will take the following format:

  • Welcome and introduction of the team

  • Around the room parents introduce themselves (and child if present) and say what is the best this about their child

  • Summary - Child is a gift, old teaching re baptism, not current teaching - your child, child of God, sign of God’s love to the world

  • What Baptism means

  • Faith community

  • Acknowledging gift from God

  • Belonging to a faith community

  • PowerPoint Slide

  • What happens at Baptism

  • Water, candle, stole, words, prayers to be written

  • Godparents - requirements / selection

  • Questions

  • Candle / Stole presentation - week prior to baptism (Name and Baptism)

  • Closing Prayer - Emily’s prayer

  • Sign up for dates in order of arrival at the meeting – while waiting forming the prayer of the faithful.

  • Parents leave once prayer is written and date given for candle presentation and Baptism.

  • Handouts to both parishes – Godparents and book from St Anthony’s   Holes in Souls and Baptism from Resurrection.

General arrangements
No Baptisms 2014 at St Anthony’s  during Lent – likely change in 2015
Baptisms continue to be offered at Resurrection during Lent 2014
Sudanese community do not attend Baptism meetings.
Baptisms at Masses to be re-instated at St Anthony’s. Priority for families who regularly attend that Mass.  Only one family per Mass.
Certificates will be issued on the day of the Baptism.
No Baptism Palm Sunday
Only one presentation to the community for introduction, signing and presentation of kit.
Kit to include candle and material at Resurrection
Candles for St Anthony’s can be ordered one week in advance at St A’s piety stall.  Stole made by CWL for St Anthony’s
Candles and stoles for Resurrection can be ordered prior to Baptism at mission outlet.
Minimum of 5 families at Baptism session at St Anthony’s
Maximum of 4 families at Baptism session at Resurrection.
Certificates will be generated by parish of Baptism.
Parents to be instructed to arrive at 12.30

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